Pablo G. Vizcaino - Art Director

"I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed,
or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed.
You know, as a career, I don't want to do that." - Lloyd Dobler

My Work

Doritos - Nacho Dragon: Chiptsars of Fury


How hard would you fight for a bag of Doritos? Using geo-location technology to help users find competitors and utilizing facebook, Chipstars of Fury turns your smartphone into a weapon, and you into a ninja - out for street cred and the chance to earn points to get the ultimate prize, Doritos. Oh, and did we mention ninjas? Because who wouldn't want to be one?

Netflix - Universally Understood


To Netflix, their business is you, the viewer. Figuring out your tastes in order to provide you with better movie and TV show recommendations has always been at the forefront of their efforts. What better way to know what you are in the mood for, than utilize what's taken millions of years of evolution to perfect? The human face, and its facial expressions.

Pepto Bismol - Don't Read, Go.


If you are spending enough time in the bathroom to read a novel, odds are something you ate didn't quite sit well with your stomach. Pepto knows that the only thing one should be reading there should be quick and short.

Internet Explorer Nexus


It's time to bring browser bookmarks to the 21st century by making them part of your social network, thus easy to share amongst your friends. After all, discovering an awesome new site and telling your friends should be as simple as a drag and drop.

MiracleGro Grassfitti


Bring urban neighborhoods to life with MiracleGro Grassfitti art and GrassTweets, taken directly from the neighborhood community's tweets. Proving that MiracleGro works anywhere and everywhere, this campaign aims to turn those drab and dreary urban landscapes into beautiful works of art.

Band-Aid - When Objects Attack

Art Gallery

Jamaica - Escape Today


Launched during winter, we enticed New Yorkers to break out of the cold weather by presenting them with an easy escape to the tropical paradise of Jamaica. Produced Client work - Miami Ad School Greenhouse Internship at Draft FCB. Partner: Kelly Saucier, AD.

Full Credits:

Agency: Draftfcb NY | Executive Creative Director: Gary Resch | Group Creative Director: Roald van Wyk | Associate Creative Director: Rodrigo Burdman | Sr. Art Director: Jackie Anzaldi | Interns/Jr Art Directors: Pablo Vizcaino, Kelly Saucier

Media Coverage:

Casio America

Who is this Guy?


I'm an illustrator at heart. My love affair with visual arts began with comics. My teachers were Jim Lee, Michael Turner, Jeffrey Scott Campbell - men never afraid to go beyond what "worked" to push the limits of their art. 

It wasn't until I returned from overseas (Iraq), that I discovered advertising as a career - on the wrong side in retrospect - working in account management. I'm not going to lie, Account Services was dry work, but it did let me see the creative process and who makes it happen.

I wanted to be part of the team that brought ideas to life. Cheesy as it sounds, it made me realize that I've always been happiest when creating something; harkening back to my comic book days when I was young, drawing my own stories and characters. The feeling of your "baby" going out into the world for people to enjoy
is something special. Which brings me where I am today. Still learning, growing. But finally on a path that feels right.

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